Best Resources to Learn Digital Marketing in 2022

Best Resources to Learn Digital Marketing in 2022 - Micros Digital

One great thing about digital marketing is that it’s an ever-changing field. For better or worse, the latest trends and best practices are constantly evolving. Luckily, there are more resources than ever to stay on top of what’s hot (and not) in the world of digital marketing—here are some of our favorites!

Micros Digital

Micros Digital are one of the best resources to learn digital marketing. It offers a wide range of courses in digital marketing, including SEO and PPC training. You can choose from different languages and formats (online, classroom-based), depending on your preferred learning style.

The digital marketing training course in Ghaziabad covers all aspects of Google AdWords including setting up campaigns, bidding strategies, landing page optimization, and more. This course also covers paid advertising using Facebook Ads Manager and other social media platforms like LinkedIn Ads & Instagram Ads Manager.

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy is the official training platform for Hubspot, the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform.

It offers a variety of courses to help you learn and grow your marketing skills. You can choose from eight different tracks: Marketing Analytics, Paid Acquisition, Creative Development, Social Media Marketing Manager Certification Program (SMMM), Inbound Marketing Specialist Certification Program (IMSCP), Content Strategy Specialist Certification Program (CSSCP), Sales Development Representative Certification Program (SDR) or Digital Analytics Manager Certification Program (DAMCP).


Marketo is a software as a service (SaaS) company that provides marketing automation, web analytics, and predictive intelligence to help companies grow their businesses. Marketo’s core product is its marketing automation platform which helps marketers plan, create, execute and automate integrated campaigns across paid search, display, web content management systems (CMS), email marketing, and social media channels.

Marketo also offers a suite of products around data management: including a large real-time database of registered customers and prospects; the ability to manage customer lifecycle data across all channels; and integration with Salesforce CRM to build out your CRM strategy through customizability of your e-commerce platform.


Simplilearn is one of the best resources to learn digital marketing in 2022. It offers training courses in various domains of digital marketing, including digital marketing analytics, digital marketing strategy and planning, digital marketing project management, and operations.

The courses are designed by experts from the industry and delivered by experienced instructors with hands-on experience in the field.

Simplilearn offers several live online classes that you can take at your own pace as well as self-paced eLearning courses.


Udemy is a great resource for learning digital marketing. It’s an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses on different topics, including digital marketing. Udemy features instructors from around the world who have real-world experience in their fields of expertise and can provide valuable insights into their particular fields.

There are many different types of courses available on Udemy, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs (and budget). Some are free while others require payment before viewing them—but no matter what your financial situation may be, there will likely be something available for you!


Here, you can learn how to improve your content and SEO or learn how to drive traffic to your website with paid advertising. There are even some free courses available on Coursera if you want an introduction to the world of digital marketing without spending any money!

Coursera offers several advantages over other online learning platforms: it has a huge library of high-quality courses from top universities around the world; its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for anyone (even beginners) to sign up, browse through all their options, and start taking classes; unlike Udemy where teachers may not be licensed professionals in their field (or even have any experience teaching others), instructors on Coursera are typically professors from respected universities who have years of experience teaching students online in addition to hands-on experience working within their respective industries—they know what they’re talking about!

Google Digital Unlocked

Digital Unlocked is an online course taught by Google, which you can take for $1500. It’s a 6-week course that covers everything from SEO to social media to email marketing, and more.

The lessons are short but effective: they’re designed to help you learn the basics of digital marketing in a way that’s easy to follow and remember.

Digital Unlocked has been taken by over 15,000 students across the world since it was first released in 2017—which is proof enough that it’s worth taking if you want to get started with digital marketing or refresh your knowledge!

Final words

Hopefully, we’ve helped you determine which digital marketing course is right for you. If there’s one takeaway from this article, it should be that there are a variety of ways to learn digital marketing—from formal courses at accredited universities and online schools, to informal courses through platforms like Udemy or Noida institutes, to free resources available on sites like HubSpot Academy. Whatever your budget or time constraints maybe, there’s an option out there that will work for you. So don’t let any potential barriers hold you back: start learning today!


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