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33 Modules

Our digital marketing course covers 33 modules for end-to-end training for young professionals.

Multi-Modal Training

Our digital marketing institute in Bulanshahr offers hybrid learning modes from online to offline.

15+ Certifications

Get more than 15 certifications, including Google certifications, on completing all modules.

About Us

Micros Digital is a world-class educational platform that offers 360-degree digital marketing training in Bulandshahr. We give a 33-module course in partnership with Google’s digital marketing certifications to furnish our students with the best marketing training. Our programs are designed to transform the

information and skills of digital professionals on an international level. Our top-class infrastructure, combined with the best trainers and hands-on experience, helps students get superior quality digital marketing education at the most reasonable price.

digital marketing bulandshahr

Micros Digital-The Worldwide Standard in Digital Marketing Certifications

Our digital marketing institute in Bulandshahr offers unmatched learning experiences and assists students with developing their skills and advancing their marketing vocation in a digitally-accelerating commercial centre. At Micros Digital, you get familiar with the marketing speciality and digital innovation science from Google-guaranteed trainers and digital marketing experts. Fast-track your profession with our comprehensive digital marketing confirmation presented in partnership with Google. Learn top online marketing tools with our customizable digital marketing course in Bulandshahr.

Gain proficiency with the commonsense aspects of SEO, SMM, SEM, Web Analytics, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Programmatic Marketing, and other digital marketing components with our quality digital marketing training in Bulandshahr. We strive to give the highest quality instruction at the highest demonstrated esteem. We are focused on students’ success, enhancing the student experience with a focus on cooperative learning and intelligent use of innovation.

digital marketing bulandshahr

Program Overview

Enrol in our expert-designed courses to get an end-to-end understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem and learn to plan revenue generation strategies. Our digital marketing course in Bulandshahr will empower you to understand digital marketing strategies and identify critical digital metrics to scale and optimize ROI effectively. Our digital marketing course is designed for professionals and freshers looking to develop a career in digital marketing.


Our trainers will help you learn the fundamentals and gain hands-on experience. We have our in-house digital marketing and web development operations that allow our students to work on real-world case studies and build a presentable work portfolio while starting their careers in this industry. Our courses are upgraded and updated from time to time and aligned with Facebook, Google Ads, and Analytics. Our job assistance team also helps you get noticed by top hiring companies across India. Prepare for a rewarding career in digital marketing with future-forward skills and technical know-how that are required in an ever-evolving economy.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before we go deep into understanding a career as a digital marketer, let’s first understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and what the field encompasses. Digital marketing is selling products or services, building brand authority, and executing customer outreach strategies through online channels like search engines, social media, emails, and websites to connect with current customers. Digital marketing is any form of marketing that requires the use of electronic devices. It is a versatile and creative form of advertising or marketing that constitutes multiple core functions to help businesses achieve their end goals.

Digital marketing can take many forms, including:

Display ads

Online advertisement involves using text, images, and URL links to a website where customers can research or buy the desired products/services.

Online video marketing

Online video marketing involves using visually appealing and informative videos to promote and market a product/service across online platforms, educate customers, and help them make an informed buying decisions.

Programmatic advertising

It is the use of computerized technology for media buying, i.e., the process of purchasing advertising space online. It automates bidding and helps businesses get the best lead-targeting options.

Search engine marketing

It is a digital marketing technique that is used to increase the visibility of a website on search engine results page like Google, Bing, and more. It involves organic and paid activities to drive traffic and increase click-through rates.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is using social media like Facebook to promote a business and its products/services. Companies and individuals can expand their reach, foster better customer relationships, and build brand awareness in niche markets.

Email marketing

It involves using email to optimize marketing efforts and send personalized brand communication to existing and potential customers. It is an effective way to boost visibility, drive traffic, announce new products, and share promotional offers with customers.

Influencer marketing

Businesses leverage the reach and branding of industry influencers to promote a brand to a larger or undiscovered market using online tools like social media or video marketing platforms.

Content marketing

An organic marketing effort focused on creating and distributing relevant, engaging, and consistent content across multiple digital channels to attract and retain an identified target audience. The ultimate objective of content marketing is to drive profitable customer action.

Apart from these, there are many other digital marketing methods that companies and professionals use to promote and sell their products over the Internet.

If any marketing campaign involves the use of electronic communication, it is called digital marketing. In the current business climate, online marketing is used by b2b, b2c, and b2g businesses to engage with their target audience and expand their revenue pipeline. Digital marketing allows organizations to customize their brand messaging and communication to suit the needs of individual customers. It also gives them greater control over the marketing channels and how much they pay for certain clicks, impressions, and conversions. This augments the overall business ROI and helps establish brand dominance in the market. Digital marketing also involves building brand leadership through content marketing and resolving customer queries in real time through social media channels, emails, or chatbots on the website.

The last two years of intermittent lockdowns and stay-at-home decrees have forced customers and businesses to leverage digital channels to complete their daily tasks. From online grocery shopping to education and even work-from-home, the world has witnessed large-scale digital acceleration across all walks of life. Every business, organization, and individual worldwide is now on the Internet. This has made digital marketing an existential requirement for companies to attract customers and for customers to resolve their day-to-day queries and challenges.


Companies are now looking for creative, data-driven professionals who can steer their online marketing strategies onto the path of sales success in the new pandemic-driven world. Digital marketing entails identifying the target audience across several channels, such as social networks, websites, mobile applications, and more. Once the target audience is identified, a digital marketer’s job is to connect and engage with them using a host of tactics like content marketing, Google Ads Services, paid social media advertising, organic social media advertising, SEO Services, and display ads through programmatic advertising. Digital marketing involves the technical understanding of digital tools and technologies. It also requires professionals to be highly creative in developing topical content yet engaging enough to catch users’ attention. Internet users today are bombarded with information and have an attention span of fewer than 5 seconds. Therefore, digital marketers must design content that instantly catches their attention, connects with them, and addresses their pain points simultaneously.


From the consumers’ point of view, digital marketing uses different channels to search for products, research products/reviews, read and post reviews, provide feedback regarding a product, or engage with other brands online through the website or social media channels. Customers today are simultaneously present across multiple channels; hence, digital marketing is also Omni channel. Online marketing involves using real estate to build brand awareness, execute customer outreach activities, generate business leads, and close deals. In the early days, digital marketing was seen only as a luxury business function required to promote brand awareness in the market. However, with the rise of e-commerce and online business platforms, online marketing is now the most lucrative business sales channel. Alternatively, it is also a convenient marketplace for consumers.


Digital marketing is the future of marketing. With the advancement in AI/ML and NLP technologies, digital platforms will be the busiest marketplace for businesses and customers. It is the most interactive form of marketing that studies customer behaviour to deliver personalized experiences and make more meaningful interactions than traditional media and marketing platforms.

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