6 Ways to Learn SEO in 2022

6 Ways to Learn SEO in 2022

At Micros Digital, we believe in spreading knowledge throughout Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. This blog will teach you how to 6 Ways learn SEO in 2022.

6 Ways to Learn SEO in 2022 with Simple Methods

  1. Learn Basics about SEO – The most important thing is to learn the basics of SEO via making a website and understanding how long and short-tail keywords work. Learning the basics of SEO includes writing genuine content.
  1. Learn to do keyword research – Learning about long-tail, short-tail, and short-term fresh keywords. How do different keywords play a role in a ranking of a website? You can learn more about Google keyword planner. This free tool by Google will help you rank your website. You can also learn more about Google Trends, and this tool will help you about knowing the popularity of keywords.
  1. Learn about On-page SEO – On-page SEO is about writing good content for a website and how to find keywords for a website in SEO. ON page SEO includes writing non-copy-paste content. Learning about on-page SEO will play an essential role in your website ranking.
  1. Learn the art of making websites – After you have learned about Page SEO, it’s the best option to learn about website making using WordPress platforms, with  experts at Micros Digital we teach art of website with excellent efficiency.
  1. Learn About Technical SEO – Once you have created a website, learn to do Technical SEO, including installing RObots.TXT and installing SITEMAP.
  1. Learn Off-Page SEO -Once you have created a Website and implemented page SEO, it is time to find long-tail keywords and lists multiple other classified websites like India Mart and Just dial. Off-page SEO Course in Ghaziabad is about listing on third-party websites to gain traffic.

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